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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service



By viewing this page of this site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions in using our service. Matrix has all the authority to modify these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. 

1.1. "Matrix" is a trading name of the website providing mobile recharge system and online money transfer services. 

1.2. All references to dollar amounts ($) refer to the Australia currency (AU$) and products are targeted for sell to peoples lives in Australia. All prices include GST. 

1.3. User must give their correct information when registering with Matrix. Any incorrect information can cause cancellation of the account without any prior notice. In order to verify customers' details, Matrix may contact the customer using his/her phone number or the address provided at the time to registration. 

1.4. When using this site, a user must not break any laws, infringe the legal rights of any person or cause harm to this service or its users. For example, he/she must not: defame, harass or abuse anyone or violate his or her privacy; distribute or make available obscene, illegal or confidential material. 

1.5. Matrix will not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage which includes any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage that you may suffer from using this website. 

1.6. Matrix will send PIN numbes(s) after successfully completion of payment by email and also the pin number(s) will be displayed on the screen unless there is any server or technical problem. Matrix will use the email address that customer provides in his/her profile to send the PIN number(s). The user can also view his/her past purchases after successfully login to our website. 

1.7. Matrix does not store customer's credit card information in its system. For promotion and any information Matrix can use your contact information like email address and Mobile phone number to receive email content and SMS(short message), But customer has full right to select " Do not send" and " No SMS" and instantly we will revise our sending list excluding you on the light of your selection on privacy choice.

Terms of Service - Money Transfer 

1.1. Matrix will only process a money transfer application after receiving money including Transfer or Remittance Fee in its bank account or receiving confirmed Credit Card payment from the user. 

1.2. Matrix be held liable for any loss incurred by the applicant (Sender) or beneficiary (Receiver) due to delay of the money transfer. 

1.3. Matrix Customer Support on 

+612 8006 5114, 1300430073

will be the 1st point of contact regarding customer's money transfer issues. 

1.4. A Matrix user should only send a money transfer request from his or her own Matrix account and using his or her own bank account or credit card. A Matrix user MUST not send a money transfer request on behalf of somebody else or any 3rd party. Violation of this will cause cancellation of money transfer application and Matrix user account. 

1.5. If a user wants to use Matrix Money Transfer service then all the information provided by the user at the time of registration and at the time of applying for money transfer, will be shared with 3rd party to authenticate the user's identity and to process the money transfer application. 

1.6. Matrix has the right to reject any money transfer application without giving any reason or notice. For a rejected application, the user will be entitled for a full refund. 

1.7. If a transaction is not successful due to incorrect information provided my the user, Remittance Fee or Telegraphic Transfer Fee will be non refundable. Incorrect information may cause delay is fund transfer or even return of fund. In case of return of fund, the user will be refunded the fund excluding the fee. 

1.8. Cash Over Counter - This service is similar to Western Union or MoneyGram cash collection at the counter service. Your money would be available for collection at the destination within 2 hours of receiving your payment during normal business hours of Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm Australian EST. After hours orders are accepted but would be available within 2 hours of the following business day. 

TT To Bank Account - This is bank to bank telegraphic transfer. We would deposit the money in your destination bank account usually within 2 days of receiving your application.